onsdag 17. juni 2009

I will start over!!

Hi all.

I have made a choice. From now on I will do my blog in english only. This is because I belive I will post on a more regular basis.Because every post will not be so time-consuming.

So, since the last post I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done.

I am ajour with my Mystery Blanket Squares and have sown the two first completed strips together,

I finished Eerie from Rowan 43 in KSH (long sleeves and all)

Have started,knitted and finished Buick altso from Rowan 43. And I will NEVER knit with Rowan Hand Knit Cotton again. It hurt my hands sooo bad.

I have started Marigold from Rowan 45using Rowan Cotton Glace in the Blood Orange colourway...the back is done and I am almost halfway on the fronts. I am doing it plain without the embroidery.

My goals for the rest of the month is to finish Marigold,and to start my Rowan Exchange knitting.

Hoping to be backwith a new post within a forthnight.

Hugs S.