tirsdag 13. desember 2011

It took almost a year.....but only almost ;)

Dear all !!

I have not blogged for the last year, because sometimes time is a luxury item and is best spent on other things.
However, December is here again and that means that Anita and I have made eachother adventcalendars again :)

So far I have gotten;

2 Balls of Fin. A BabyAlpaca/Silk Blend with a little sparkle for the magpie in me. In a gorgeous advent purple.
2 Teacandle-holders again in purple with a snowflakepattern.
And a box of teacandles to keep the fire burning :)

2 Pair of plain black cotton socks.( Hard to find when you have size 2-3 feet)
A lovely pack of Pukka Chai, spiced just the way I like it!!
And the most extravagant this year (so far) A bottle of truffel-oil :)

A wooden needlekeep, a bundle of stitchmarkers, and a ceramic button from Snella & Petronella that sayes "litt". That means "a little" or "some" in norwegian.
I altso got a packet of Christmas napkins (but they are half gone ;)

Hope to be updating every other day for the rest of the calendar.